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science Square
Science Square

What is calendar?A calendar is a series pages which shows the number of days, weeks and months of a particular year.

A year has 12 months. They are:

Maths class 2 Calendar

One day Arnav, Nisha, and Vivan were talking about their favourite months

Maths class 2 Calendar

Maths class 2 Calendar

  • Which month do you like the best? ___________________
  • Why? __________________________________________
  • What do you like to do in your favourite month?
  • _____________________________________________________

Fill in the table

What you like best

Months in which it comes

Fruit ______________

Vegetable _______________

Flower ___________________

Write names of Five festival that you celebrate with your friends. Also, write the months in which these festivals come.

Maths class 2 Calendar

Name of the festival

Month in which it comes

Draw a scene of any of the festival in the box given below.

February: The different month

Maths class 2 Calendar

Maths class 2 Calendar

  • Look at a calendar in your home and find out:
  • How many months have 30 days?
  • Which months have 31 days?
  • How many days are there in February?
  • ______________________________________
  • How many days together are there in July and August?
  • ______________________________________
  • How many Saturdays are there in September?
  • What is the day on your Birthday?

Find out:

  • How many days do you get for your winter holidays?
  • __________________________________________
  • How many summer holidays do you have?

Practice these questions

Q1) There are 12 months in a year. Write the names of the months and also the number of days in each month:

Maths class 2 Calendar

Q2) Answer the given questions:

  1. a) How many days are there in a week? ___________________________________________________
  2. b) How many months are there in a year? ___________________________________________________
  3. c) How many days are there in a year? ___________________________________________________

Quiz for Calendar


_________ is the first month of the year.

a) February
b) January
c) December
d) June


What day will it be on 5th January' 2017?

a) Monday
b) Thursday
c) Wednesday
d) Friday


What day will it be on 27th December?

a) Monday
b) Friday
c) Tuesday
d) Wednesday


Which day will come 3 days after 8th July?

a) Monday
b) Tuesday
c) Wednesday
d) Thursday


What date will it be 2 days after 5th Jan?

a) 4th Jan
b) 6th jan
c) 8th Jan
d) 10Th Jan


__________ is the fourth month of the year.

a) May
b) July
c) April
d) January


A quarter of a year is of _______ months.










Which day will fall immediately after 9th May?

a) Tuesday
b) Monday
c) Friday
d) Saturday


Which of the following months has 29 days in a leap year?

a) February
b) March
c) May
d) June


If today is Monday, the day before yesterday was a ___________.

a) Sunday
b) Saturday
c) Wednesday
d) Thursday

Your Score: 0/10

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