What is calendar?A calendar is a series pages which shows the number of days, weeks and months of a particular year.

A year has 12 months. They are:

Maths class 2 Calendar

One day Arnav, Nisha, and Vivan were talking about their favourite months

Maths class 2 Calendar

Maths class 2 Calendar

  • Which month do you like the best? ___________________
  • Why? __________________________________________
  • What do you like to do in your favourite month?
  • _____________________________________________________

Fill in the table

What you like best

Months in which it comes

Fruit ______________

Vegetable _______________

Flower ___________________

Write names of Five festival that you celebrate with your friends. Also, write the months in which these festivals come.

Maths class 2 Calendar

Name of the festival

Month in which it comes

Draw a scene of any of the festival in the box given below.

February: The different month

Maths class 2 Calendar

Maths class 2 Calendar

  • Look at a calendar in your home and find out:
  • How many months have 30 days?
  • Which months have 31 days?
  • How many days are there in February?
  • ______________________________________
  • How many days together are there in July and August?
  • ______________________________________
  • How many Saturdays are there in September?
  • What is the day on your Birthday?

Find out:

  • How many days do you get for your winter holidays?
  • __________________________________________
  • How many summer holidays do you have?

Practice these questions

Q1) There are 12 months in a year. Write the names of the months and also the number of days in each month:

Maths class 2 Calendar

Q2) Answer the given questions:

  1. a) How many days are there in a week? ___________________________________________________
  2. b) How many months are there in a year? ___________________________________________________
  3. c) How many days are there in a year? ___________________________________________________