Measurement – Temperature


Temperature is defined to check how much the object is hot or cold.


There are two units to define the temperature:

Maths class 4 MeasurementTemperature


    For normal body, temperature is = 37°C = 98.6°F

Where, C = Celsius and F = Fahrenheit

Relation between Celsius and Fahrenheit:

This formula will be used in most of the questions of measurement of temperature where we need to convert C into F or vice versa.

Maths class 4 MeasurementTemperature



Example 1: Convert 20°C to Fahrenheit.

Solution: We know that,

Therefore, Temperature in °F =  = 36 + 32 = 68°F


Example 2: Convert 37°F into Celsius.

Solution: We know that,

Therefore  = 2.78°C




Question1: Convert the following temperature given in Celsius scale into Fahrenheit scale

  1. 25°C
  2. 0°C
  • 3°C
  1. 65°C
  2. 20°C

Answer: i) 77°F  ii) 32°F   iii) 104.54°F   iv) 149°F   v) 68°F


Question 2:  Convert the following temperature given in Fahrenheit scale into Celsius scale

  1. 200°F
  2. 175°F
  • 185°F
  1. 158°F
  2. 68°F

Answers: i) 93.33°C  ii) 79.44°C  iii) 85°C  iv) 70°C  v) 20°C



  • There are two scales to measure temperature i.e. Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • The normal body temperature is 98.4°F or 37°C
  • The device used to check body temperature is called thermometer.
  • Important Formula:

Maths class 4 MeasurementTemperature