Maths Tricks

Learn speedy Maths tricks for fast calculation, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These simple Maths tricks will help you to quickly solve maths problems and ace in Maths exams. Be it large or complex numbers, there are maths tricks for kids and adults to become a Mathematics Genius.

Best Maths Tricks For Fast Calculation


Here are Maths tricks and Maths Strategies which everyone should know and confidently solve Maths problems.

Adding large numbers like 744 + 338 can be a bit difficult. But if you know the Maths shortcut for addition, then adding can be easy through this easy Maths trick.

744 + 338

These numbers are definitely hard to contend with, rounding them up would make them easier to calculate. So, 744 becomes 750 and 338 becomes 340.

Now, add 750 and 340. The total is 1090. To find the answer to the actual equation, we need to find out how much we added to the numbers to round them up.

750 – 744 = 6 and 340 – 338 = 2

Now, add 6 and 2 together to make 8.

To find the answer to the original equation, we need to subtract 8 from 1090.

1090 – 8 = 1082

So the answer to 744 + 338 is 1082.


The rule which you need to follow while subtracting a large number from 1,000 is: Subtract every number except the last from 9 and subtract the final number from 10.

For example:

1,000 – 656

Step 1: Subtract 6 from 9 = 3

Step 2: Subtract 5 from 9 = 4

Step 3: Subtract 6 from 10 = 4

The answer is 344.

When we need to multiply the number 5 by an even number, use this maths shortcut to find the answer.

For example, 5 x 6 =

  • Step 1: Cut the number being multiplied by five in to half. This makes the number 6 to be number 3.
  • Step 2: Add a zero to the number and you have your answer. In this case, the answer will be 30.

5 x 6 = 30

When we need to multiply an odd number with 5, the formula is a bit different.

Let us consider 5 x 7.

  • Step 1: Subtract one from the number that we need to multiply by 5, in this instance the number 7 becomes the number 6.
  • Step 2: Now cut the number 6 into its half, which makes it the number 3. Make 5 the last digit. The number produced is 35, which is the answer.

5 x 3 = 15

The same can be applied to bigger odd and prime numbers.

The quick Maths trick to know when a number can be evenly divided by these certain numbers:

  • 10 if the number ends in 0
  • 9 when the digits are added together and the total is evenly divisible by 9
  • 6 if the number is even and when you add the digits, the answer is evenly divisible by 3
  • 8 if the last three digits are evenly divisible by 8 or are 000
  • 5 if it ends in a 0 or 5
  • 4 if the number ends with 00 or a two digit number that is evenly divisible by 4
  • 3 when the digits are added together and the result is evenly divisible by the number 3
  • 2 if it ends in 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8

This is an easy method that is helpful for multiplying any number by 9. Here is how it works:

Let’s use the example of 9 x 3.

Step 1: Subtract 1 from the number that is being multiplied by 9.

3 – 1 = 2

The number 2 is the first number in the answer to the equation.

Step 2: Subtract that number from the number 9.

9 – 2 = 7

The number 7 is the second number in the answer to the equation.

So, 9 x 3 = 27

Finding a percentage of a number is always a tricky process, but if you’ll think about it in the right terms, you’ll find that there’s a fast percentage finding trick which can save your time. For instance, to find out what 5% of 235 is, follow this method:

  • Step 1: Move the decimal point over by one place, 235 becomes 23.5.
  • Step 2: Divide 23.5 by the number 2, the answer is 11.75. That is also the answer to the original equation.

Let’s use the number 35 as an example.

  • Step 1: Multiply the first digit by itself plus 1.
  • Step 2: Put a 25 at the end.

35 squared = [3 x (3 + 1)] & 25

[3 x (3 + 1)] = 12

12 & 25 = 1225

35 squared = 1225

When multiplying large numbers, if one of the numbers is even, divide the first number in half, and then double the second number. This method will solve the problem quickly. For instance, consider

20 x 120

Step 1: Divide the 20 by 2, which equals 10. Double 120, which equals 240.

Then multiply your two answers together.

10 x 240 = 2400

The answer to 20 x 120 is 2,400.

Multiplying numbers that end in zero is actually quite simple. It involves multiplying the other numbers together and then adding the zeros at the end. For instance, consider:

200 x 400

Step 1: Multiply the 2 times the 4

2 x 4 = 8

Step 2: Put all four of the zeros after the 8


200 x 400= 80,000

Practicing these fast math tricks can help both students and teachers improve their math skills and become secure in their knowledge of mathematics—and unafraid to work with numbers in the future.

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